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Marcus Müller marcus.mueller at ettus.com
Tue Mar 29 07:17:06 EDT 2016

Hi steven,
> is whether or not the DAC setting for the VCTCXO is saved periodically
Hm, what do you mean with "saved"? Saved as in "stored somewhere for
later analysis"?

No; the value is updated continously, whether there is an active PPS
signal or there just was one (which isn't active anymore).

I had to read Verilog myself, since I didn't want to give you false
information, but:
usrp3/top/b205/b205_ref_pll.v has a state machine.
Lines 78-100: Assuming you're in the state "ref_detected", "ref_is_pps"
= 1, ref_is_10M = 0, but then, the PPS pulses stop, nothing will change
the state; the transition only happens when there's a rising PPS edge,
but it's too early or too late.
So, "valid_ref" is 1, at least until the next PPS pulse comes; if that
comes in time, yay, we get to gradually adjust the externa
Lines 193-255: since valid_ref==1, and ref_is_pps==1, you're in a loop
between states

So what happens here is based on the continously running PLL chip's
internal clocks, an adjustment for the VCO is calculated and applied. So
yes, the DAC value is continously kept during operation, but no, they're
not sent to the host computer for analysis.

Adding another stream that would be "continously sampled" from these
values would be rather intense, but you could go ahead and just add a
UHD user settings register, so that you can, by adding a method to UHD
somewhere, read it from the host computer periodically. Maybe easier:
"tapping" the lines running to the DAC by also feeding them to the GPIO
port, and monitoring those with e.g. a logic analyser device or any
SPI-to-USB converter that works with the 12.5MHz SPI clock; or, instead,
because you're already modifying the FPGA, just outputting the
calculated errors/adjustment values/... to the GPIO in whatever format
you please (e.g. either as parallel bus values, or by using
instantiating another SPI driver module).

Best regards,

On 29.03.2016 05:28, Steven Knudsen via USRP-users wrote:
> Thanks very much for the confirmation. 
> And thanks for opting for the really stable option. 
> I am looking at details for holdover when 1 PPS is not available. This
> is relevant to TDMA systems, among other things.
> An obvious question that the list or Ettus may be able to help with,
> and that saves me looking into the FPGA source, is whether or not the
> DAC setting for the VCTCXO is saved periodically while there is an
> external reference? I hope so :-)  I am assuming there is a simple
> control loop for the DAC value, guessing a PID or something.
> I recently had to develop a comparable clock discipline subsystem for
> a radio that was being refitted with digital technologies and that
> would be expected to operate with or without GPS and support ranges in
> excess of 30 km. Loads of fun.
> Thanks again for the quick response!
> steven
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>> On Mar 28, 2016, at 17:14, Derek Kozel <derek.kozel at ettus.com
>> <mailto:derek.kozel at ettus.com>> wrote:
>> Hello Steven,
>> The onboard reference is a VCTCXO indeed made by CTS, you've found
>> the right datasheet. It is the 0.5ppm version.
>> Regards,
>> Derek
>> On Mon, Mar 28, 2016 at 3:57 PM, Steven Knudsen via USRP-users
>> <usrp-users at lists.ettus.com <mailto:usrp-users at lists.ettus.com>> wrote:
>>     I may be blind, but I have not found a document reference for the
>>     clock on the B200mini. However, from the markings on the clock I
>>     think it’s a CTS VTCXO matching the link to the data sheet below.
>>     Can anyone confirm this and if so, the stability grade?
>>     http://www.ctscorp.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/008-0371-0.pdf
>>     thanks!
>>     steven
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