[USRP-users] Max Tx Power of SBX120

Zhihong Luo zhluo at umich.edu
Tue Mar 29 02:05:13 EDT 2016

Hi All,

I am using a X310 with SBX120 daughter board, and I want to transmit a 5KHz
square signal with max power. I already set tx gain as 31.5dB. About the IQ
value, I am using the normal "sc16", "fc32" data format, I saw this line on
the converter chapter:

"the full dynamic range of the 16-Bit integers is mapped onto the float
range of -1 to 1". So, if I want max power, I should set the max and min of
the square as 1 and -1? How does it convert the float number if it is
larger than 1?

Besides these, what else can I do to approach the max output power? Thanks
a lot for any help.

Best regards,
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