[USRP-users] RFNoc. Cant have TX & RX on same flow diagram

Martin Braun martin.braun at ettus.com
Mon Mar 28 12:52:43 EDT 2016


this feature is not yet implemented on RFNoC. The reason it doesn't work
right now is there's no entity managing/owning the stream, and the
control communication to the blocks doesn't happen.

We're working on getting this out there, and will update you on this
list as soon as we have it.


On 03/25/2016 11:28 AM, apchar via USRP-users wrote:
> This question was asked about a year ago. I hope the problem has been
> fixed & I'm just doing something dumb.
> I'm trying to build a simple repeater with our X310+Gnuradio. The first
> tests were just plain Gnuradio blocks. USRP source connected to USRP
> sink. The throughput was a reliable 120 MHz (or a slightly less reliable
> 200 MHz) but the latency was 7 msec! I need < 100 usec. And it took some
> tweaking to get it down that far (thanks to Derek & Neel at Ettus.) So
> I'm trying RFNoc to take the Ethernet out of the loop. Right now I have
> just an RFNoC radio Rx feeding an RFNoC FIFO feeding an RFNoC Radio Tx.
> That's all. It runs but nothing comes out.
> I can run most of the examples so I know the Rx & Tx functions work.
> They just don't seem to work at the same time.  My relevant parameters are:
> RFNoc Radio: Radio Select: A, Mode: Rx, Stream args: spp=256, Sample
> Rate:10M, Antenna:RX2, Device Select:-1, force vector length:256
> RFNoc FIFO: Force Vector Length:256,FIFO select:-1, Device select -1
> RFNoc Radio: Radio select A, Mode TX, sample rate:10M,
> antenna:tx/rx,device select:-1,force vector
> length:256
> That's all there is. Signals go in but nothing comes out.
> How do I make my bent pipe repeater?
> Thanks
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