[USRP-users] RFNoc. Cant have TX & RX on same flow diagram

apchar apchar at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 25 14:28:08 EDT 2016

 This question was asked about a year ago. I hope the problem has been fixed & I'm just doing something dumb.I'm trying to build a simple repeater with our X310+Gnuradio. The first tests were just plain Gnuradio blocks. USRP source connected to USRP sink. The throughput was a reliable 120 MHz (or a slightly less reliable 200 MHz) but the latency was 7 msec! I need < 100 usec. And it took some tweaking to get it down that far (thanks to Derek & Neel at Ettus.) So I'm trying RFNoc to take the Ethernet out of the loop. Right now I have just an RFNoC radio Rx feeding an RFNoC FIFO feeding an RFNoC Radio Tx. That's all. It runs but nothing comes out. I can run most of the examples so I know the Rx & Tx functions work. They just don't seem to work at the same time.  My relevant parameters are:RFNoc Radio: Radio Select: A, Mode: Rx, Stream args: spp=256, Sample Rate:10M, Antenna:RX2, Device Select:-1, force vector length:256RFNoc FIFO: Force Vector Length:256,FIFO select:-1, Device select -1RFNoc Radio: Radio select A, Mode TX, sample rate:10M, antenna:tx/rx,device select:-1,force vector length:256That's all there is. Signals go in but nothing comes out. How do I make my bent pipe repeater?Thanks
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