[USRP-users] rec_samples_to_file overflow

Xingjian Chen xingjian at umass.edu
Thu Mar 24 11:39:32 EDT 2016

Hello guys. 
I set B200mini receiving samples using UHD example called "rx_samples_to_file.cpp" at rate of 56MB/s with float32 I/Q data. It always get overflow message as below:
"Got an overflow indication. Please consider the following:
  Your write medium must sustain a rate of 448.000000MB/s.
  Dropped samples will not be written to the file.
  Please modify this example for your purposes.
  This message will not appear again."
However, my memory speed is over 3 GB/s according to the test using the method here:
I find the problem is from this sentence in the rx_samples_to_file.cpp:
size_t num_rx_samps = rx_stream->recv(&buff.front(), buff.size(), md, 3.0, enable_size_map);
I guess the rx_stream command does not utilizing all my memory capability. Any ideas? 

Thank you!

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