[USRP-users] B200mini: enable RF front-end via command

Emanuel.Staudinger at dlr.de Emanuel.Staudinger at dlr.de
Thu Mar 24 03:59:08 EDT 2016

Hi there,

I adapted the example program "txrx_samples_to_file" to transmit an arbitrary pre-defined signal from a binary file and simultaneously receive a signal. My end-application is something like round-trip delay ranging with full/half-duplex operation.

When I use an X310 with the CBX front-ends, I clearly see received signal distortions, because the CBX front-ends (Tx and Rx) are switched on once a streaming command or send/receive command was issued. This setup time can be reduced by setting the ATR commands correctly or by a patch which has been circulated in this mailing list.

Now I would like to have the same for the B200mini. E.g., in my application I allow already a setup time of 10ms to create the transmit worker thread, and to avoid late-commands. Now I would like to activate the transmit portion and receive portion of the front-end chip during this 10ms setup-time.  Are there specific ATR commands for that? Or does anyone have a patch for that (I'm using the latest UHD release 3.9.3)? Besides that I would need such functionality also for another application for TDD, where I would like to pre-schedule the activation of the transmit front-end portion.

Thanks in advance,

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