[USRP-users] Where to find USRP consultants?

Eric Jonas jonas at ericjonas.com
Tue Mar 22 20:25:53 EDT 2016

Hello! I hope this isn't poor form using the list like this, but I'm
looking to hire someone in a consulting capacity to help out with some
exploratory USRP work.

I'm an EE with a background in DSP and fpga engineering trying to get
started with the USRP. The software side is easy enough, but there's a lot
of RF signal chain work that's complicated. I'm exploring some demo
applications and was hoping I might be able to hire someone for some help,
especially on the RF front-end side of things.  I'm thinking on the order
of 10 hours or so. Is there a list or page of people familiar with the
capabilities of the Ettus hardware (I have a N210)  available for


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