[USRP-users] E310 GPS lock issue

Kyle A Logue kyle.a.logue at aero.org
Mon Mar 21 12:27:56 EDT 2016

The older firmwares for the E310 didn't have gpsd installed. I think the first versions to include it were the fido alphas from september. The current Release 4 on http://files.ettus.com/e3xx_images/e3xx-release-4/ettus-e3xx-sg1/ supports gps far better than the older versions. I use the dev version.

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Subject: [USRP-users] E310 GPS lock issue

I'm using an E310 running UHD 3.9.1, and when following the manual's
instructions for "Device Time to GPS time", I'm getting an error at the
first instruction:

     while(! (usrp->get_mboard_sensor("gps_locked",0).to_bool()) ) {

     LookupError: Path not found in tree: /mboards/0/sensors/gps_locked

Also getting the following error:

     UHD Error:
         An error occured making GPSDd interface: RuntimeError: Failed
to connect to gpsd: can't get host entry

Any idea why this is happening?


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