[USRP-users] Long time for USRP N210 to respond -- is this v3.10, firewall problem, or something else?

Mendel, Susan Marie smendel at lanl.gov
Fri Mar 18 22:01:53 EDT 2016

In installing UHD on a new laptop, I very stupidly installed version 3.10 instead of the latest release. I didn't use git clone -- I tried but that failed, I think due to my firewall, so I grabbed the zip.

When I send a command to the USRP N210, there seems to be a 30 second or so delay before I get any response. For instance the command tx_waveforms prints out "current send frame size" and then it will be a long time before I see anything else. Things seem to work fine once it starts sending. Using the same command on a computer with v3.8.4 installed and the same USRP, there is no long delay.

I haven't disabled the firewall because I may need permission to do that. Meanwhile I'm specifying the USRP address in the command. Is the firewall likely causing the delay?

Secondly, if I were to try building an earlier version instead, what all do I need to remove first? The lib64/uhd directory?

Thanks for any help
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