[USRP-users] Is my B200mini RFIC broken?

Marcus D. Leech mleech at ripnet.com
Fri Mar 18 17:17:39 EDT 2016

On 03/18/2016 04:33 PM, Xingjian Chen wrote:
> Hi,
> By looking at the output from the UHD .cpp tx examples, it says "actual TX bandwidth : 40MHz". And I connected the output to spectrum analyzer and transmitted a noise file, the output power outside the 40MHz bandwidth drop fastly, it seems the filter in the AD9364 is not very sharp to keep the output power flat especially outside 40 MHz BW. I guess this is why it says the actual bandwidth is 40MHz.
> James
Could you perhaps share the exact command line invocation that you're 
using, along with the output from the UHD driver start-up?

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>> Hi there,
>> I found the "actual TX bandwidth" of my B200mini cannot go higher than 40 MHz using UHD examples with "Setting TX Bandwidth: 56 MHz" and "Actuall Tx rate is 56 Msps ". Do you know how I should check what is going on?  I checked AD9364 datasheet. It says:" Tunable channel bandwidth (BW): <200 kHz to 56 MHz".
>> James
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> How are you testing for the enhanced bandwidth?  By what methodology?
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