[USRP-users] Inquiry about status of X300 XGS image

Neel Pandeya neel.pandeya at ettus.com
Tue Mar 15 22:56:48 EDT 2016

Hello Claudio Cicconetti:

Although there are no known issues with the XGS image, it is not validated
like the HGS image is. You can certainly build and run the XGS image now,
and I would expect it to work. The XGS image is configured such that Port 0
must be 1 Gigabit Ethernet, and Port 1 must be 10 GbE. If you want to
reverse this assignment, then you would have to modify the Verilog code and
build a custom image. This kind of change should be relatively easy to do.
Note that you'll need Xilinx Vivado, Design Edition, version 2014.4 to
build an XGS image, and the free WebPack Edition will not work. Support for
dual 10 Gigabit Ethernet on both Ports 0 and 1 will be coming in UHD
version 3.10, which we expect to release sometime this summer.

--Neel Pandeya

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[USRP-users] Inquiry about status of X300 XGS image
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Dear all,
What is the maturity level of the XGS image for X3X0 devices?

I see the target is _not_ marked experimental in:


but yet it is not distributed up until the latest UHD (3.9.2).

Also, I could not find recent posts in the mailing list.

My use case is: I would like to use the two ports of an X300 to
implemented redundancy, i.e., they will be connected to two different
servers, but only one of them will drive the Ettus at a time.

Using the HGS is a no-go since my application requires > 1 Gbps transfer
between host and device.

Best regards,

Claudio Cicconetti, PhD
Software Engineer - MBI S.r.l. - Pisa, Italy

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