[USRP-users] making sense of the RFNoC testbench files

Jason Matusiak jason at gardettoengineering.com
Mon Mar 14 14:30:49 EDT 2016

Thanks for the quick response Jonathon!

> Since you want to send an EOB or otherwise manipulate the header, use
> tb_cvita_data in the testbench. For example, to send a simple 2 sample
> packet with EOB set:

Actually my noc_block is going to set the eob internally, so the 
incoming packets can have it or not (I ignore the eob), I just need the 
other side to either ignore that I am sending it, or trigger based on it

I need to reread your email a couple more times to get it to absorb, but 
it looks very thorough, that will be helpful.  What I don't see (though 
may pop-up upon cross referencing the files you mentioned is how the 
flags are handled.  Meaning if I have a register of 100 32b values (16b 
I/Q), and I want to pass through samples to mu block one sample at a 
time, I don't see where the testbench sets valid/last flags and looks 
for ready flags from me.  Since my block takes many clocks to calculate 
a value on each sample, it is pretty different from most of the examples 
and I wondered if I needed to modify my testbench to compensate for that.


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