[USRP-users] Output power of E310

Claudio Cicconetti ccicconetti at mbigroup.it
Fri Mar 11 06:08:40 EST 2016

Dear all,
We are working on a testbed for satellite communication where the
transmitter is an Ettus E310. Since we are dealing with the link budget,
we need to understand the maximum power that we can achieve.

We have run a few experiments to gather a rough order of magnitude using
the tx_waveforms example (with --ampl 0.7 and --gain 89.8) and measuring
the output power with a spectrum analyzer.

We have found the following results:

70  MHz -> -6 dBm
1.5 GHz -> -17 dBm
3   GHz -> 10 dBm <<< as per datasheet
6   GHz -> 4 dBm

The sample rate does not seem to play a role in the experiments.

Do these results make sense to you? For instance, we would have expected
to have a monotone relationship between frequency and power...

More important: since our application is expected to work at 1.5 GHz
(which accidentally achieves minimum output in our experiments) is there
any way to increase the output power in that frequency range?

Best regards,

Claudio Cicconetti, PhD
Software Engineer - MBI S.r.l. - Pisa, Italy

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