[USRP-users] Questions on set_rx_gain

Maurizio Crozzoli maurizio.crozzoli at telecomitalia.it
Mon Mar 7 08:32:45 EST 2016

Martin Braun via USRP-users <usrp-users at ...> writes:

> That is correct; an analog gain is applied. Note it is still possible to
> "do damage" this way, e.g. by driving amps or ADC into saturation.

So what's the rule?
Setting the correct gain seems to be really critical but I cannot understand
what is the correct approach to decide a reasonable value: is it just a
cut&try approach?

AGC might help from a theoretical point of view. But just theoretical, I'm
afraid, as far as I have understood, because most likely you tend to get
damages when AGC is on.

Nevertheless AGC would be really needed when your signal level fluctuates
along a wide range of values. And if the best suggestion is to avoid AGC, we
go back to the initial questions.

Comments, suggestions, even tutorial from a practical point of view are more
than welcome (they might even be worth of becoming a FAQ for SDR
not-so-experienced users). Volunteers?



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