[USRP-users] cpu frequency and harmonic suppression

Marcus Müller marcus.mueller at ettus.com
Sun Mar 6 11:17:42 EST 2016

Dear Ekko

On 06.03.2016 14:37, Ekko wrote:
> hi marcus
> my signal is a 20KHZ Single Carrier with the samp rate 100K,
> send to uhd sink, and the center frequency is 3.7Ghz,
> and i see the output of tx just like 
> blob:https%3A//mail.google.com/39989e6d-de82-44f0-aa8c-495da3f570b6
> <http://mail.google.com/39989e6d-de82-44f0-aa8c-495da3f570b6>
Sorry, I think that didn't quite work out. I assume you just mean the
photo from last mail?
I was really unhappy with it nearly being unreadable and skewed, so I
did my best to fix it.
As a general remark: If you're contacting someone with a question, try
to get your pictures as clear as possible, and explain and annotate them
well. Not doing so undermines your own efforts! I was really a bit
confused why you sent a picture of the top of your spectrum analyzer
rather than of its display…

fixed photo
> the mark1 is center peak,
that is probably LO leakage.
> and the mark2 is the sideband that i mean ,i think the mark2 should be
> lower than what i see
> so i want to know how to improve the sideband suppression
I don't think you mean the same thing with "sideband" as I do.

Please, make a *drawing* that explains what you mean, and that includes
references to the markers in this spectrum visualization.

Best regards,
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