[USRP-users] cpu frequency and harmonic suppression

Ekko chai18740449846 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 3 05:47:24 EST 2016

hello all
i got two questions when i use E310
The first---------->>what is the cpu frequency, i saw the material
https://www.ettus.com/product/details/E310-KIT here ,the cpu frequency is
664M, but i test the cpu with my own program, i found that the actual cpu
frequency is less than 664M. is there default frequency ? or how to set the
cpu frequency.

The second ------>>>this is about the  harmonic suppression.
i mesured the  harmonic suppression when the center frequency is 3.7GHZ
33db, i want to know how to improve this harmonic suppression, this is the
tx,and the harmonic suppression of rx is worse.

thank you
please send me a personal mail when you reply to mail list.
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