[USRP-users] IOError: Could not find path for image: usrp_e310_fpga.bit

Philip Balister philip at opensdr.com
Fri Oct 30 15:51:40 EDT 2015

On 10/30/2015 11:35 AM, Anderson, Douglas J. via USRP-users wrote:
> Hi all,
> I just logged into an e310 for the first time (over USB serial) and tried to run a demo program. It asked me to:
> Please run:
> sudo "/usr/lib/uhd/utils/uhd_images_downloader.py"
> which I did. There is now no fpga image in /usr/share/uhd/images for the e310.

It is possible running the demo program caused the E310 to find another
E310 on the network and become confused. (I know this sounds crazy,
there is an open bug for this)

I'm working on tracking the argument string to stop uhd fro doing this.

In the meantime, hopefully this course of action works:

Download the latest factory image from:


Use bmaptool to write the image to an 8BG (the stock card on older units
is 4G) with bmaptool.


I have heard a positive report of bmaptool working on OSC, just make
sure you write to the device that is the entire card.

The fpga images on the SD card do match the installed version of UHD, so
you should not run the image downloader program.


> I've been reading the mailing list and googling for about an hour and most solutions seem to involve setting up the SDK on a host computer and burning the newest version of UHD/GNURadio to the SD card. My problem is, I'm on my MacBook today which does not have that software installed, and I've been unable to get that set up easily on this computer in the past. So what I'd like to do is find a solution that doesn't involve me installing a bunch of stuff on this host computer.
> Is there a e310 fpga bit file that works for the stock e310 software that I can "wget" onto the e310? Is there a known good SD card image that I can download and burn?
> Thanks!
> -Doug
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