[USRP-users] UBX initialization on X310

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So I swapped in a wbx in each slot one at a time and things worked for the wbx... 

I them placed 1 wbx and 1 ubx in the x310 and ran uhd_usrp_probe, output attached. 

It knows that slot A is a UBX-160 v1, but doesnt seem to recognize the frontend component (Name: Unknown (0xffff_ - 0 )) as can be seen in the attached... 

I know back in the day, some of the cards came without a serial number burned, so the cal utilities wouldnt work and they had to be burned manually... 

Perhaps something similar here for the frontend name? 

The wbx frontend names are proper... 

Slot A is UBX, Slot B is WBX... 

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The UBX drivers were added in 3.8.2, so you should be ok there. Can you double check that the UBX daughterboards are seated correctly? If you switch back to a WBX board, does it still work ok? 

Also, could you provide the other info that is printed out after "The daughterboard manager encountered a recoverable error in init." There may be some useful debug information there. 


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uhd 3.8.3 64 bit 
win7 64 bit 
visual studio 2013 
10 Gb interface 

So I swapped out my 2 WBX daughtercards for 2 UBX cards (sweetness). 

uhd_find_devices is ok, uhd_usrp_probe returns errors on both cards after about 20 seconds of trying to initialize to the tune of: 

The daughterboard manager encountered a recoverable error in init. 

Some other info is printed out afterwards... 

Do I need a newer version of UHD to support UBX? 

Is there some other change I need to make to support UBX on X310? 


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