[USRP-users] UBX initialization on X310

tilla at comcast.net tilla at comcast.net
Fri Oct 30 09:33:56 EDT 2015

uhd 3.8.3 64 bit 
win7 64 bit 
visual studio 2013 
10 Gb interface 

So I swapped out my 2 WBX daughtercards for 2 UBX cards (sweetness). 

uhd_find_devices is ok, uhd_usrp_probe returns errors on both cards after about 20 seconds of trying to initialize to the tune of: 

The daughterboard manager encountered a recoverable error in init. 

Some other info is printed out afterwards... 

Do I need a newer version of UHD to support UBX? 

Is there some other change I need to make to support UBX on X310? 


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