[USRP-users] Installing PCIE drivers for x310

Jared Dulmage jared.dulmage at aero.org
Thu Oct 29 21:06:22 EDT 2015


When I run
> benchmark_rate --rx_rate 50e6

dstat -crimp shows around 7500 interrupts/sec.  I get no overflows but this is much lower than the rate Marcus predicted.  Perhaps due to a 4 lane PCIe interface instead of 1 lane?

When I run
> benchmark_rate --rx_rate 100e6

I get around 5500 interrupts/sec.  So I think that might be something I need to investigate.  Can you tell me what 

> cat /proc/irq/<# niusrpriok irq>/smp_affinity
> cat /proc/irq/<# niusrpriok irq>/smp_affinity_list

where <# niusrpriok irq> is the interrupt for niusrpiok in /proc/interrupts on your setup?  

Mine says
> cat /proc/irq/90/smp_affinity
> cat /proc/irq/90/smp_affinity_list

which I think might be causing the problem.  Nope, just checked in /proc/interrupts, all of the interrupts for 90 are serviced by core 0.  Perhaps I need to get multiple cores servicing the interrupts?  Scratching my head again.

Thanks for all the help guys,
Jared Dulmage
Engineering Specialist
Digital Comm. and Implementation Dept.
Aerospace Corporation

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