[USRP-users] Problem with N210 and start GPS time

Giovanni MARINO giovanni.marino at jrc.ec.europa.eu
Wed Oct 28 09:37:14 EDT 2015

I found some examples in order to understand how to set the time for starting data acquisition with a N210 at determined date and hour therefore I wrote the following code:

        timestamp1 = time.mktime(datetime.now().timetuple()) #in order to check if the epochs are the same.
        print "Timenow", timestamp1
        print "GPS time", gps_time
        start_time='28.10.2015 12:25:00' #(it has be updated)
        start_time = time.mktime(time.strptime(start_time,'%d.%m.%Y %H:%M:%S'))
        print "Start time:",str(uhd.time_spec_t(start_time).get_real_secs())
        self.blocks_file_sink_0 = blocks.file_sink(gr.sizeof_gr_complex*1,"./Data/DatafromN210.dat", False)
I suppose that something does not work, because I am not able to save the data into the file (i.e. the file does not contain data as expected). 
What's wrong with the above-mentioned code?
Thank you in advance for your time and help.
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