[USRP-users] Using NoC script in my .xml file for uhd_usrp_probe --arg no_fpga_load

Martin Braun martin.braun at ettus.com
Mon Oct 26 13:11:23 EDT 2015

On 22.10.2015 16:01, Swanson, Craig wrote:
> Martin,
> Where can I find the documentation on how to write NoC script?  Please
> tell me if I can do the following:

Currently the docs are mostly learning from examples, although NocScript
has a language reference in the manual (it's very ugly, though, I must
admit). In your doc build, browse to
<path to doc build>/html/page_nocscript_funcs.html, or go "Part IV:
RFNoC Development Manual" -> Descriptor Files -> Function Reference.

> When running uhd_usrp_probe, read and write to registers.

uhd_usrp_probe will initialize all blocks, but not exercise them. This
means default values (the ones in <value>) *do* get written.

> For example, in my .xml file I would like to do the following to the
> same register:
>  1. ​​Write a 0 to a register
>  2. Read a 0 from the register
>  3. Write a 1 to a register
>  4. Read a 1 from the register

2. and 4. are the same, because you can only read what you wrote.
Reading regs is currently not mapped to NocScript (but will be added in
the future). 1. and 3. can be done using SR_WRITE(), check out the examples.


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