[USRP-users] Setting Registers in the E310 Flowgraph RFNoC block and seeing them change using Chipscope

Martin Braun martin.braun at ettus.com
Thu Oct 22 13:37:46 EDT 2015


your XML files look fine. Are you sure the registers aren't triggered at
all, or is there maybe an issue with the ChipScope setup? I.e., if you
write some really obvious values to the registers, do they change
something in the signal output?


On 21.10.2015 14:31, Swanson, Craig wrote:
> ​Martin and Jonathon,
> I have an AGC2 RFNoC block that imitates the Moving_Average example that
> you have provided.  I chose the moving average because that seems to be
> the most plain vanilla version that is the least complicated to imitate.
>  I left some artifacts of the moving_average .xml files because I would
> break things if I removed all of them because I am not sure I understand
> how everything works in that demo yet. Especially the $length and streaming.
> I have created my agc2.xml, uhd_rfnoc_agc2.xml, .bit files, .grc, files
> for my AGC2 RFNOC HLS block and have it running on my E310 and am trying
> to trigger Chipscope.  When I change a register value from the
> flowgraph, it never indicates a change in Chipscope.
> My basic question is there anything else I need to do to link the
> registers setup in the flowgraph gr-ettus/grc/uhd_rfnoc_agc2.xml file
> with the uhd_usrp_probe agc2.xml file?
> I could provide some examples by copying and pasting here, but I am
> afraid it would be too large, so I have attached my files.
> Craig​
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