[USRP-users] B200mini Series: some general questions

Derek Kozel derek.kozel at ettus.com
Thu Oct 22 07:58:27 EDT 2015

Hello Emanuel,

The B200mini has an SMA connector which accepts either a 1PPS or 10MHz
reference so no breakout adapter is needed. The built in VCTCXO has a basic
accuracy of 0.5ppm. The datasheet I have is generic for a range of
oscillator frequencies and doesn't have a phase noise plot for the 40MHz
version. I am looking to see if we have that information available. The
clocking structure of the B200mini can be seen on page 4 of the schematics.

The FPGA used, the Spartan-6 XC6SLX75, is the same as the B200 has so
unfortunately it is not possible to use RFNoC with the B200mini. The FPGA
resource usage is also about the same as the B200, though I'll check with
one of the designers for actual numbers.


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> Dear Ettus team,
> Your new B200mini looks great, very nice work indeed. I have some general
> questions you could probably answer easily, as I did not find additional
> information on that on your website:
> 1.       Do you ship the B200mini with a sort of breakout adapter such
> that the B200mini can easily be fed from an external 10MHz source?
> 2.       You also have a B200mini-i series with an industrial temperature
> range: what is the allowed temperature range for the normal B200mini? Does
> the B200mini-i series also cover an extended temperature range for the
> oscillator?
> 3.       Do you have some specifications of the used oscillator?
> Accuracy/drift? A link to the datasheet is fine for me.
> 4.       How many FPGA resources are still available on the FPGA?
> 5.       Is it possible to use RFNOC with the B200mini series?
> Best regards,
> Emanuel
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