[USRP-users] E100 + GnuRadio

Vidak Kazic vidak.kazic at ch.abb.com
Wed Oct 21 07:49:48 EDT 2015


I have created a simple FIR filter module in Gnuradio companion, i.e. the interface. I've exported the module to a Python script, fir.py. Now, I'd like to load the script onto my E100, and map one RF input to the source in the FIR module, and the other as sink. If I do this, am I right to assume that I will have an active FIR filter?

So far I found the IP address of the device through a USB connection and ifconfig, and then used: $ ssh root at<mailto:root at> (the ip address) to make  a connection to the device. Now I'm not sure how to use this connection to communicate with my device, and my script is giving errors of "No device found". How can I write the FIR module from gnuradio to my E100 device?

Thanks in advance,
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