[USRP-users] E310: signal processing possible on the FPGA

Chris Stankevitz cstankevitz at toyon.com
Mon Oct 19 19:41:26 EDT 2015


Please forgive the naive question below, but I have experience only with the USRP2 from a long time ago where all signal processing occurred on the host CPU.

I would like to run a filter which essentially averages the power of the signal over the past x samples.  If and when a threshold is exceeded, I would like the ARM CPU to be given the raw samples for subsequent high-level processing.

I know how to perform this process entirely on the ARM CPU: use the UHD library to grab the raw samples and perform the power-calculating filter on the ARM CPU.  But I'm not sure the ARM CPU will be able to keep up as I increase the sample rate (ideally to 10 MHz).

Is it possible for the USRP E310 to perform this kind of signal processing on "the FPGA" instead of on "the ARM"?  If so, by what mechanism will the results of this processing (the average power in my example) be made available to the UHD client application?  Is it possible that, using UHD, I am delivered 3 scalars for each sample: real, imaginary, and the result of some filter e.g. avg power?

I've been assuming that this processing must occur on the ARM CPU until a few minutes ago a colleague wondered aloud "I think the E310 can run some flow graphs on the FPGA itself at the full sample rate".

Thank you,


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