[USRP-users] uhd make uninstall leaves lib symbolic links installed

Martin usrp-users-list at olifantasia.com
Mon Oct 19 13:09:02 EDT 2015


When I uninstall uhd 3.10 it leaves the following links installed
libuhd.so -> libuhd.so.003
libuhd.so.003 -> libuhd.so.003.010

sudo make uninstall
-- Uninstalling "[PREFIX]/lib/libuhd.so.003.010"
-- Uninstalling "[PREFIX]/lib/libuhd.so.003"
-- File "[PREFIX]/lib/libuhd.so.003" does not exist.
-- Uninstalling "[PREFIX]/lib/libuhd.so"
-- File "[PREFIX]/lib/libuhd.so" does not exist.

ls -liah [PREFIX]/lib/libuhd*
[PREFIX]/libuhd.so -> libuhd.so.003
[PREFIX]/lib/libuhd.so.003 -> libuhd.so.003.010

cmake --version
cmake version

This is probably a cmake issue.
I think the problem is.
It first uninstalls libuhd.so.003.010
After that it tries to do uninstall libuhd.so.003 and libuhd.so which 
are now symbolic link to a now non-existant file. This results in the 
make error:
File "/opt/mlat/lib/libuhd.so.003" does not exist.
File "/opt/mlat/lib/libuhd.so" does not exist.

I am not sure on how to solve this.

WIth best regards,

Martin Dudok van Heel

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