[USRP-users] How to stop the rfnoc_moving_average gracefully and questions about the axi interface settings on the FIR Compiler

Jonathon Pendlum jonathon.pendlum at ettus.com
Tue Oct 13 12:46:05 EDT 2015

Hi Craig,

1. Try running 'killall python' to make sure GNU Radio exits completely.
You are likely running into the issue where flowgraphs on the E310 using
XMLRPC will not exit completely even after using ctrl-c.

2. The project file made when running the makefile with the GUI option
(make GUI=1) will have the IP cores instantiated. From there you can edit
the IP and it will update the corresponding .xci file in the build-ip


On Tue, Oct 13, 2015 at 7:17 AM, Swanson, Craig <
Craig.Swanson at gtri.gatech.edu> wrote:

> Jonathon,
>    1. ​How do I shutdown the rfnoc_moving_average on the E310 without
>    having to do a hardware reboot?  I start it up by running "python
>    rfnoc_moving_avg.py".  If I want to stop the application, I either use
>    ctrl-C and ctrl-Z.  I also kill the moving_average window on my laptop by
>    hitting the small x on the top left hand side of the window.  If I try to
>    re-run it again without power cycling the E310, it gives me the error
>    message "failed to open /dev/axi_fpga".
>    2. I want to re-create your /uhd/fpga-src/usrp3/lib/ip/axi_fir.xci
>    using the FIR compiler.  I open your axi_fir.xci and see all the settings.
>    I then go into the FIR compiler and I have re-created your your .xci file
>    except for the AXI Interface Settings.  You do not provide a Manage IP
>    project so I am not able to simply open your IP.  The issue is in the
>    Interface tab of the FIR Compiler for Data Channel Options, Configuration
>    Channel Options, Reload Channel Options, and Control Signals.  What are
>    your settings in the FIR Compiler 7.2 for the Interface Tab?  When I
>    compare my .xci file and your axi_fir.xci file here are the parameter
>    values I am having trouble recreating.
> DATA_Has_TLAST">Packet_Framing</spirit:configurableElementValue><spirit:configurableElementValue
> spirit:referenceId="PARAM_VALUE.M_DATA_Has_TREADY">true</spirit:configurableElementValue><spirit:configurableElementValue
> spirit:referenceId="PARAM_VALUE.S_DATA_Has_FIFO">true</spirit:configurableElementValue><spirit:configurableElementValue
> spirit:referenceId="PARAM_VALUE.S_DATA_Has_TUSER">Not_Required</spirit:configurableElementValue><spirit:configurableElementValue
> spirit:referenceId="PARAM_VALUE.M_DATA_Has_TUSER">Not_Required</spirit:configurableElementValue><spirit:configurableElementValue
> spirit:referenceId="PARAM_VALUE.DATA_TUSER_Width">1</spirit:configurableElementValue><spirit:configurableElementValue
> spirit:referenceId="PARAM_VALUE.S_CONFIG_Sync_Mode">On_Packet</spirit:configurableElementValue><spirit:configurableElementValue
> spirit:referenceId="PARAM_VALUE.S_CONFIG_Method">Single</spirit:configurableElementValue><spirit:configurableElementValue
> spirit:referenceId="PARAM_VALUE.Num_Reload_Slots">1</spirit:configurableElementValue><spirit:configurableElementValue
> spirit:referenceId="PARAM_VALUE.Has_ACLKEN">false</spirit:configurableElementValue><spirit:configurableElementValue
> spirit:referenceId="PARAM_VALUE.Has_ARESETn">true</spirit:configurableElementValue>
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