[USRP-users] N200 - Reset (Clear) Receiver/Transmitter

Vidak Kazic vidak.kazic at ch.abb.com
Thu Oct 8 03:43:46 EDT 2015


How can I reset the USRP N200 to the initial state, so that I can send new data? In my setup, after sending a number of vectors, I start getting overflow for following vectors. In this situation, I'd like to reset the receiver and send the signals again. Restarting the devices manually isn't an option, as this is both slow and inefficient of any application.

It seems logical that I should be able to set the receiver to the same state it was in right before sending the first group of samples. However, I cannot find any functions that 'clear' the buffer or do similar actions. I've tried running the step(rx) function repeatedly, until only noise is received, but any transmission after this also leads to overflow. I suppose that this means that the buffer remains full, so the USRP cannot store incoming bits.

Any advice would be highly appreciated.

Best regards,
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