[USRP-users] signal stability at beginning of streaming

Francois Quitin fquitin at ulb.ac.be
Wed Oct 7 02:19:26 EDT 2015

Dear all, 


I'm using a USRP-N210 with a RFX2400 daughterboard, and when I initially
start streaming I see the amplitude of the I and Q components first
saturating before they reach a stable level (see attached image, I should be
receiving only noise). 


I don't observe this behavior with the WBX daughterboard, so I'll assume
it's some of the amplifiers stabilizing initially? Is there any way to avoid
this behavior in the RFX2400 (I have an application where I need to stream
short non-contiguous bursts, so I cannot afford to wait until it stabilizes
for every burst). 


And by the way, should I also expect to see this behavior in the CBX/UBX






Francois Quitin, Ph.D.


Research Fellow

INFINITUS - Infocomm Centre of Excellence

School of EEE, Nanyang Technological University

50 Nanyang Ave, S2-B4b-05
Singapore 639798 

Phone: +65-8502-3690

Email: fquitin at ntu.edu.sg <mailto:fquitin at ece.ucsb.edu> 


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