[USRP-users] USRP hardware with external FPGA "host"

Andy Walls andy at silverblocksystems.net
Tue Oct 6 12:22:55 EDT 2015

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> Date: Mon, 5 Oct 2015 13:13:04 -0400
> From: Raj Bhattacharjea
> To: usrp-users at lists.ettus.com
> Subject: [USRP-users] USRP hardware with external FPGA "host"

> Has anyone on this list investigated using some FPGA based platform as a
> "host" machine that does processing on the digital data stream output from
> USRPs? For example, a B210/N200/X310 connects to some kind of FPGA board
> with USB/ethernet/PCI, and then the FPGA simply ingests the data stream and
> does the signal processing. The use case is when your application does not
> fit on the on-board FPGA and you don't have the resources to make your own
> custom hardware with a bigger FPGA.
> Has this been done by anyone on this list, or is anyone aware of such
> efforts?

Well figure 9 of this paper suggests it has been done with X310's:

The X310 FPGA design is organized as a packet router between radios,
"compute engines", and the host PC.  The paper demonstrates/claims
routing data between compute engines on two X310s before sending back to
the host PC.

I don't know if the current RFNoC stuff handles this particular use case
though (shuffling off to another X310's FPGA, or off to another type of
network connected FPGA, and back).


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