[USRP-users] What is the battery pack voltage for E310, E312 and is required firmware update already available?

Sylvain Munaut 246tnt at gmail.com
Sat Oct 3 15:07:58 EDT 2015

Hi Martin,

> Thanks for the info, Sylvain.
> I will get a AVR programmer and look for a connector.

Note that if you reflash the fw and use your own battery you might
also consider changing the divider of the gauge chip.\

By default it can't measure battery larger than ~ 3500 mAh. Personnaly
I used a 5000 mAh cell on it and so I had to use a larger divider. I
wish Ettus had anticipated the use of larger batteries :p The down
side is a small loss of precision but just doubling the divider is
enough to support up to 7000 mAh cells and the loss of precision is

> Do you know the Samtec partnumber, so I have a starting point for my search
> for a connector.

For samtec it was in teir "Tiger Eye" stuff. Something like :
 ( + the matching contacts of course, since this is only the housing )

TE-Connectivity has something with the right pitch, but only for 10
contacts minimum, not 6 and not sure it'll fit in there:

I also tried to make my own adapter, using :
 - A socket meant to be PCB mounted : Harwin M50-3000545 (
 - Some 0.025" ( 0.635 mm ) pitch FPC cable (
 - Some standard .1" headers

The Harwin connector is 10 pin but you can chop 4 of them out easily
by jull pulling out the contacts, then using a knife / dremel to chop
off the extra plastic.

The result looks like : http://i.imgur.com/QRB0kGt.jpg

And that would be pretty good, except it turns out that the epoxy I
used to make the "body" was liquid enough to enter and fill the holes
in the connector ... *facepalm*



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