[USRP-users] gps_gpgga and gps_gprmc sensors missing in E310, how to get GPS position in E310?

Martin usrp-users-list at olifantasia.com
Sat Oct 3 03:33:04 EDT 2015


I have an application which uses GPS position data from the USRP.
With B2X0 or N210 + GPSDO I can query the gps_gpgga and/or gps_gprmc 
sensors for this.

But in E310 the gps_gpgga and gps_gprmc sensors seem to be missing in 
the current uhd driver that is installed in the latest sdcard devi image 
(uhd 3.8.5)

The only gps related sensors uhd_usrp_probe reports are gps_locked and 

uhd_usrp_probe gives:
root at ettus-e300:~/mlat/src# uhd_usrp_probe
linux; GNU C++ version 4.9.1; Boost_105600; UHD_003.008.005-0-unknown

-- Loading FPGA image: /usr/share/uhd/images/usrp_e310_fpga.bit... done
-- Detecting internal GPSDO.... found
-- Initializing time to the internal GPSDO
|       Device: E-Series Device
|     _____________________________________________________
|    /
|   |       Mboard: E3XX
|   |   product: 30674
|   |   revision: 0
|   |   serial: F661C4
|   |   mac-addr: 00:80:2f:16:0c:0c
|   |   FPGA Version: 8.0
|   |
|   |   Time sources: none, internal, external, gpsdo
|   |   Clock sources: internal
|   |   Sensors: temp, gps_locked, gps_time, ref_locked

How can I get gps position data from E310?

Is this a driver issue or a hardware issue?

If the software routines are just not implemented, where in the uhd 
driver code should I look to implement them myself?

Thanks in advance,

Martin Dudok van Heel

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