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> > >* The following shows the phase characteristics of this digital step
> *>* atten.  I'm not sure if this explains what you're seeing...
> *>
> The bandwidth we're working with is only 10MHz, and it doesn't seem like
> the attenuator has a lot of relative phase difference over such a small
> bandwidth. I'll keep looking...
> Francois
> Take a look at the chart titled "Relative Phase vs. Frequency" -- the X
axis is the
carrier frequency, not the channel bandwidth.

At 2.5 GHz there is a 40 degree phase shift at 31.5 dB attenuation vs. 0
at 0.5 dB attenuation.  Is this in the neighborhood of what you are seeing
your experiments?

This shift likely has less to do with the <size> of the attenuator and more
to do
with the parasitic capacitances in the switches and the measures that
takes to compensate for them.

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