[USRP-users] Updated alpha images for the E310

Philip Balister philip at balister.org
Thu Oct 1 19:29:07 EDT 2015

I've updated the alpha images for the E310 at:




The fido-test has uhd-3.9.0 and the fido-rfnoc-test has uhd built from
HEAD of the rfnoc-devel branch.

Other interesting changes:

* These images use gpsd for reporting gps information
* ntp is configured to get time from the ntp pool and the gps (if locked)
  - To get ntp to see the pps, you need to run /etc/init.d/ntp restart
* wpa_supplicant should work without to much fiddling

There are various updates to core Linux utilities from layer updates.

These images are built from this manifest:


For the rfnoc images, I manually switched to the e300-rfnoc branch in

The script I use to create the image sets is here:


As usual, after an update I travel for a week, but will try and keep up
with email :) I'll look into the the need to restart ntp when I get back
from ELCE.


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