[USRP-users] Detect and react to underflow in gnu radio

Dennis Zollo dzollo at swift-nav.com
Thu Oct 1 18:09:13 EDT 2015

Hello users,

I am trying to detect the 'U' and 'L'  (underflow & late packet) messages
from transmit on a USRP b210 connected over USB 3.0 and controlled by gnu
radio and python.  I would merely like to know programmatically that a U or
L has occurred and react.  In our case, this means we should halt our test
and invalidate the results.

Does someone have an example of how to do this?  Should I be using the
asynch message source block?  Should I be registering a stdout callback
through the C++ api?

Also, what are some strategies to avoid these "late packet" or "underflow"
errors and or tune them out of a system?

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