[USRP-users] power calibration

Claro Noda noda at complexperiments.net
Tue Jul 28 11:11:45 EDT 2015


We are invested in a project which requires a power calibration of a b210.
Namely, we need to translate complex arbitrary units in the uhd gr module
to absolute power, for a given set of parameters, i.e. gain, sampling rate, etc.

>From the AD9361 DS, I understand the chip has an internal RSSI calibration.
However, I'm clueless whether one would obtain absolute power values from
the uhd baseband signal, derived from any chip factory calibration.

Alternatively, we are thinking of a calibration procedure, by running
the B210 and
some of the following equipment (through GPIB) from a python script:



Thus, we end up with some matrix to derive absolute power values, using the
equipment readings as a reference.

Has somebody tried this? Is there some specific trick we need to know?
Am I missing something?

thank you.


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