[USRP-users] X310 10GigEthernet Tx streaming tweaks

Emanuel.Staudinger at dlr.de Emanuel.Staudinger at dlr.de
Tue Jul 28 02:13:21 EDT 2015


I'm currently using an X310 with 10GigEthernet and a workstation with Win7 (energy option set to performance). The latest UHD release is used, as well as the 10Gig NIC recommended by Ettus. I compiled the benchmark_rate example with VS2013 to run some tests. The CPU format and the wire format are both set to sc16.

I managed to get the receive stream working continuously for about two minutes at 1 channel 100Msps and 200Msps and two channels at 100Msps. Occasionally, I get some dropped samples, but very very few, which is pretty fine for me right now. The MTU size and FastSendDatagramThreshold are set accordingly. Furthermore, I tweaked the NIC a bit and adjusted the interrupt moderation and the receive side scaling queues.

Now, I would like to transmit. My application requires a continuous streaming performance of 100Msps on one channel. 100Msps on both channels would be much better, but let's stick to one channel for now. I did not manage to stream at 50Msps without getting many underflows in somewhat regular intervals every second / every half second. Using two channels at 50Msps each is even much worse: underflows appear as bursts.

Are there ways to improve the transmit streaming performance? I only read from older posts that transmit streaming is much more difficult compared to receive streaming due to buffering issues etc. Does anyone have experience with transmit streaming under Linux? What kind of performance did you get there, and with which computer hardware?

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