[USRP-users] "sudo apt-get upgrade" on liveusb 3

Marcus Müller marcus.mueller at ettus.com
Thu Jul 23 04:02:14 EDT 2015

Hi Richard,

technically, it should work. I haven't tried it, though, so I can't 
really guarantee anything.
It's pretty cool to update the stick, but you'll have to realize that 
this will update libraries, which were used during the build of GNU 
Radio and UHD for the image.
Hence, you'll have to re-build these yourself, too, afterwards (and all 
applications linking against them), effectively losing the advantage of 
having a ready-to-run image.

So: whilst probably being possible, I think that'd subvert the idea of 
the liveUSB image. Being a GNU Radio enthusiast myself, I'd like to 
point you at the GNU Radio liveSDR environment, which is effectively 
pretty similar to the Ettus liveUSB in functionality, but has been 
recently updated:


> Note: I'm new to a lot of this and just used to Ubuntu. Also curious.
Curiosity is a virtue :)

Now, you said you used Ubuntu -- have you had a look at PyBOMBS? It 
automagically builds UHD, GNU Radio etc if asked to do so:


Happy hacking,

On 23.07.2015 09:17, Collins, Richard via USRP-users wrote:
> Is running sudo apt-get update and apt-get upgrade on a running Ettus 
> liveusb image ok? (downloaded from http://files.ettus.com/liveusb/3.0/ 
> )  Is it advised against? I tried once, but it was going to take 
> forever, and it seemed to thrash the usb flashdrive quite a bit. I'm 
> currently reformatting that drive after physically bumping it during 
> the upgrade (since it's now not in a working state and cinnamon crashes).
> Note: I'm new to a lot of this and just used to Ubuntu. Also curious.
> - Richard
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