[USRP-users] [UHD] master branch updates

Martin Braun martin.braun at ettus.com
Wed Jul 15 15:14:12 EDT 2015

Hi everyone,

we just pushed a big update to master branch, so that warrants some

- A lot of the FPGA images were updated, so expect the infamous 'compat
errors'. B2x0, E310 and X3x0 may not work before running a
uhd_images_downloader + respective upgrade procedure.
- We merged the aforementioned switchover to Mako. If you build UHD, it
might fail saying you need Mako. My personal preference for installing
that is to use pip ('pip install Mako'), because that'll get a new
version and is platform-independent (works even on Windows if your
Python is new enough), but you can also do 'apt-get install python-mako'
or whatever your platform requires.
- Python 3 should now be usable for building UHD.
- B200 has received some changes, such as better corrections handling
and a new FX3 firmware (this replaces the previously available debug image).

Because there are some interdependencies between commits, it's possible
to point your repo to a commit that doesn't work for your device
out-of-the-box, e.g. because the code changed but the images package
hasn't. To avoid that, either don't upgrade master at all, or pull
straight to the latest HEAD (which is the default behaviour of 'git pull').


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