[USRP-users] Compatibility number mismatch between a custom FPGA image and host code

Ian Buckley ianb at ionconcepts.com
Wed Jul 15 12:53:15 EDT 2015

The compat number exists to try to try to keep UHD and the FPGA(s) in lockstep when changes are made that both depend on.
In the case of B210 that number is defined in b200_core.v..search for COMPAT_MAJOR.
Likely you have just got your installed UHD and the FPGA version you are building from out of step. Rebase both from the same git commit and you should be fine.

On Jul 15, 2015, at 7:37 AM, Justin Tallon . via USRP-users <usrp-users at lists.ettus.com> wrote:

> Hey Guys!
> I am trying to introduce a custom FPGA image to a B210 but I am getting a compatibility error (looking for 6 got 7)
> However I build from the same version  (Version: 003.008.004-release)  which usually means it would be compatible?
> The only issue I can think of is that I have built the .bin file on a different machine and created the project manually as opposed to using the makefile.
> Any instruction on this would be greatly helpful!
> Thanks,
> Justin.
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