[USRP-users] carrier present when transmitting zeros

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There will always be *some* carrier leakage, you can reduce it by making
sure that you've run the calibration utilities, which seek to optimize
I/Q balance going into the mixers, and thus reduce LO leakage and image

Along with this, you can use offset tuning, which will move the LO
leakage outside your passband: 


Calibration notes here: 


In made-for-a-specific purpose radios, the final mixer also has LO
leakage, but in a traditional superhet design, that LO leakage is well
outside the intended passband, and generally there's a filter before the
final RF amplifiers that removes unwanted LO leakage and other harmonic
mixing products. In a general-purpose, direct-conversion radio, that
final filtering stage must necessarily be delegated to then end-user,
since the precise filtering strategy is application and frequency

On 2015-07-15 11:44, Vladica Sark via USRP-users wrote: 

> Hi there,
> I am transmitting zeros on I and Q but I can see the carrier present?
> Anybody have idea why?
> BR,
> Vladi
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