[USRP-users] USRP B210 Sometimes Not Appearing with lsusb

devin kelly dwwkelly at gmail.com
Tue Jul 14 22:21:15 EDT 2015


I have several Intel NUC single board computers (the Atom based ones).
Sometimes I'll reboot them with my USRP B210 plugged in or just unplug and
plug in the USRP and the USRP will still behave as if it's unplugged.
There won't be any log messages in dmesg and lsusb won't find the USRP.

I have the right udev rules installed and un-plugging and replugging the
USRP (including the power supply) back in always seems to work.  Once lsusb
can find the USRP everything works fine.

It seems like if we plug in the USB first and then the external power
supply the USRP comes up fine, when we swap the order it's not as reliable.

We have an external power supply that is at 5.6 V but gets loaded down to
5.3 V with the USRP plugged in.  After looking at the schematic it seems
like 5V should be fine.

Has anyone had any issue like this?  How should we start debugging?

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