[USRP-users] Aurora core possible with an X310?

Jason Matusiak jason at gardettoengineering.com
Tue Jul 14 12:11:51 EDT 2015

> AFAICT the SFP+ connectors on the X310 are directly connected to MGTs
> on the FPGA. So you could remove one of the ethernet SFP+ connection
> from the fpga code, then reuse that SFP+ to directly put a fiber
> transceiver and an Aurora core inside.

> And that could indeed be a RFNoC block so you can easily direct
> traffic to it or to the host. (note that fpga only flow graph are not
> supported atm, but should be in the future).

Hmm, this is very interesting.  This would allow for a potential drop-in
replacement, that would be awesome.  I would need to mix down to IF
first, but that shouldn't be too crazy.  

I guess I forgot that we couldn't use FPGA only flow graphs, how far out
is that hopeful implementation?

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