[USRP-users] Time to clear samples in the USRP-N210 buffer

Vivek Keviv gmvimo at gmail.com
Mon Jul 13 11:15:02 EDT 2015

Hi all,

I am vivek, trying to receive different data belongs to different center
frequency. To make this real, I am using USRP N210 to tune different center
frequencies. I could receive sample belongs to desired center frequencies.
But the problem is the samples belong to the previous center frequency
 remains  for some time at the next center frequency as well. As I have
very less time for streaming samples at each center frequency, I couldn't
obtain the correct samples at desired center frequency. To my best
knowledge, samples from the previous center frequency still remains in the
hardware buffer these samples only occur in the beginning of next center
frequency stream.

For example,

the samples belong to Fc1 is 555555555;
and the samples belong to Fc2 is 77777777;

When I set the center frequency Fc1 it receives 5555555555..... and when I
tune the center frequency from Fc1 to Fc2 it receives  555557777777......
 it says that the samples from the previous center frequency still remains
in the beginning of next freq range.

Can anyone please advise me how to clear this hardware buffer and how long
it takes to clear the hardware buffer?

Thanks for your time and concern.
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