[USRP-users] subdev vs. channels

Crozzoli Maurizio maurizio.crozzoli at telecomitalia.it
Mon Jul 13 04:14:56 EDT 2015

With reference to the sample code "rx_multi_samples.cpp" provided in the Ettus code site, could someone please explain (or give some reference to some documentation) the difference between the "subdev" specification and the "channels"?

With reference to the boards B220 and E310 (we already have the first one, we are just buying the second one), we would like to be able to select more than one RX chain (from 2 to 4) but it is not clear if that situation is to be handled by "subdevices" and/or "channels". Looking at the code it seems that all the "trick" is done by managing the "channels" and the "subdevices" is almost useless... For sure I am wrong, that is why I am asking for help here...



PS Why just a few week ago http://code.ettus.com/ could be freely accessed and now it requires username/password? And how to get them?
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