[USRP-users] WBX daughterboard and ADC clipping - USRP n210

Garey, Marshall Owen mgarey at lanl.gov
Thu Jul 9 17:09:30 EDT 2015

Hi usrp-users, another question for you. What is the maximum input power of the WBX daughterboard? More specifically, what is the max power that I should put in; also, what is the approximate max power when it starts to get fried? I've looked at the WBX daughterboard on ettus.com and can't find the information there, and I'm currently searching the mailing list archives. I recall reading a couple of different values on this mailing list and elsewhere (I think I've read -40, -30, and -20 dBm in different places). I have been staying well below -30 dBm, but I'd like to see when the ADC starts to clip the signal and don't want to destroy the daughtercard by putting in a signal with too high power. It will be good for us to know approximately how much power our signal can have before it starts to get clipped, and how gradual the clipping is. My thought was to measure the output amplitude until I started to see clipping, and to take a bunch of measurements of output amplitude at different input powers. However, as a noob, I welcome any suggestions you might have of a better way to do this.
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