[USRP-users] create_live_sdr_fs.sh results in non-bootable LiveUSB

Martin usrp-users-list at olifantasia.com
Thu Jul 9 08:46:24 EDT 2015


I tried to make a bootable LiveUSB from the files found on:

When I use the create_live_sdr_fs.sh script, with fat.zip and 
casper-rw.tar.bz2 and then the resulting usb stick is not bootable.

When I in stead use the 3.0-smaller.img.bz2 or 3.0.img.bz2 then the 
resulting usb stick is bootable and works.

I am not a filesystem expert, but with a binary diff (dhex) is see many 
differences in the resulting binary data on the first 10 MB of the disk.

Is suspect that the create_live_sdr_fs.sh script on the ettus website is 
not the same (latest) version as the one that was used to create 
3.0-smaller.img.bz2 and 3.0.img.bz2
Is the latest version of create_live_sdr_fs.sh also available somewhere ?

I would prefer not to use an image to create the stick, since writing a 
solid state usbstick with an image from start to end will leave no room 
for the wearleveling algorithm on the drive. This will ruin write 
Using a substantially smaller image, leaving a gigabyte or more 
unwritten at the end would help a bit. But not writing unused sectors 
would be much better.

So I hope that someone knows how to get a working create_live_sdr_fs.sh

Thanks in advance,

Martin Dudok van Heel

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