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Faller, Lisa-Marie Lisa-Marie.Faller at aau.at
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By now I managed to build FPGA-master under Ubuntu using Vivado2014.4 (I re-installed Vivado System Design Edition since I understood that the target FPGA -device must be missing).
According to the build under Win7/MinGW: I tried to build the FPGA-maint with ISE 14.7 and managed to setup the PATH accordingly, everything seems to work until x300.v is added as source: it says the x300.v file cannot be found although it is definitely there, any idea on that?

What I want to do finally is ‘abuse’ the USRP-devices (x310) to build a measurement system. To do that, it will be necessary to reduce the code on the FPGA. We want to read baseband signals (up to ~10MHz) from ADCs followed by IQ-demodulation and filtering. On the transmit side we want to generate these carrier signals (so up to ~10MHz). This should be done synchronously for 4 of the x310 devices (at the end). The FPGA-generated carrier signals to be output at the Tx will be used internally for demodulation.
Do you maybe have suggestions on how to go for that concerning FPGA programming?

Thank you and best regards,

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Sorry, there was a typo, I meant to say that we have preliminary Vivado support in the master branch.
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