[USRP-users] Schematics DDC/DUC chains in x310

Carlos López-Martínez carlos.lopez at tsc.upc.edu
Wed Jul 8 09:51:19 EDT 2015

Dear all,

In the frame of our research activities, we plan to use the x310 system. 
Before to actually use them, we plan to do some simulations in order to 
determine the performances we may expect. When confronted to the 
simulation of the whole device, we have found accurate information to 
simulate the daughter-board we are interested into. Nevertheless, when 
addressing the simulation of the digital part, i.e., the mother-board, 
the information is a bit limited. We have found some information about 
the schematics of the DDC/DUC chains implemented into the FPGA, but this 
information is not detailed enough for our purposes. I would like to 
know where we could find the most detailed information and/or schematics 
regarding the DDC/DUC chains implemented into the FPGA.

Best regards,




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